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Horizon Albuquerque Results

“I’ve learned that our middle school students need to be given a choice and a voice.” – Juaquin Moya, Executive Director

Learn how Horizons Leveraged their 2017 Educate2Elevate Grant

The 2017 Educate2Elevate grant allowed for Horizons Albuquerque to expand its elementary programming into middle school. Through the grant,  Horizons provided a tuition-free six-week summer session and year-round after school tutoring and enrichment to 128 low-income students. In addition to academic support, Horizons also provided a career readiness program with an introduction to financial literacy, career fields mentorship and functional work behaviors. Combatting a teacher shortage in New Mexico, Horizons also provided faculty with professional development and a teaching laboratory for aspiring teachers who want to teach low-income youth.  

 In 2018, 87% of Horizons students returned for continued programming, with 98% of middle school students planning to attend college. 85% of the students reported achieving better grades; 90% indicated they wanted to work harder at school and 95% reported feeling more excited about learning. In a recent survey, 100% of Horizons middle school students said they plan to graduate high school and a pre and post STAR assessment indicated that middle school students made a 2-3 month gain in reading and math during the summer program. In addition, pre-surveys showed only 35% of Horizons students considered a career option in STEM fields with post surveys showing 80% are considering STEM. 

Horizons middle school students and their families used Horizons’ Middle School Guide to support them through the social, emotional and academic aspects of middle school.  Their 5th and 8th grade students planned their transition plans to middle school and high school with 90% of students reporting their desire to work harder at school for continued education in college.


Horizon Albuquerque

Horizons Albuquerque has been awarded $65,000 to implement a middle school summer and afterschool program to improve confidence and knowledge in STEM fields for minority students; provide parents and students better transition to middle and high school; and to improve parents’ abilities to be positive role models. Horizons Albuquerque is a local organization with a learning model of intense focus on reading, math, science, art and confidence building activities.

The funding will be used by Horizons to create a complete middle school extended learning program that places an emphasis on career readiness and transitions to support students and their families. Specifically, Horizons will use the E2E Grant to strengthen STEM project-based learning for middle school students, develop middle school relevant family workshops and a family handbook on educational transitions. These funds will also enhance the professional development opportunities for Horizons teachers to develop effective qualitative measures regarding the impact of Horizons’ programming.