2017 Recipient

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Horizon Albuquerque

Horizons Albuquerque has been awarded $65,000 to implement a middle school
summer and afterschool program to improve confidence and knowledge in STEM fields
for minority students; provide parents and students better transition to middle and high
school; and to improve parents’ abilities to be positive role models. Horizons
Albuquerque is a local organization with a learning model of intense focus on reading,
math, science, art and confidence building activities.

The funding will be used by Horizons to create a complete middle school extended
learning program that places an emphasis on career readiness and transitions to
support students and their families. Specifically, Horizons will use the E2E Grant to
strengthen STEM project-based learning for middle school students, develop middle
school relevant family workshops and a family handbook on educational transitions.
These funds will also enhance the professional development opportunities for Horizons
teachers to develop effective qualitative measures regarding the impact of Horizons’