Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

501c3 nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and/or governmental entities serving Central New Mexico (Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia and/or Torrance counties). Nonprofit organizations must also have current filings with the NM Attorney General’s Office, Secretary of State’s office and have a positive Charity Check Report via Guidestar. (Public education institutions and religious institutions are exempt from Attorney General filings).

My organization uses a fiscal agent. Can we still apply?

Yes. As long as your work aligns with the grant focus and the fiscal agent meets all requirements listed above, you are eligible to apply. An organization serving as a fiscal agent for various programs, may submit multiple proposals under the fiscal sponsorship umbrella. However, if the fiscal agent also has its own programming, it may only submit one application for such programming.

  • For example: the APS Education Foundation may only submit one application for an APS Education Foundation-run and operated program. However, should various APS schools wish to apply using the APS Education Foundation as their fiscal agent, multiple applications from the APS Education Foundation can be submitted in this capacity.

What is the focus of this grant?

This grant is to support middle school education programs in Central New Mexico (Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia and/or Torrance counties).

Can this be for a new program?

You can apply for an ongoing or new program. However, please note that this is not a multi-year grant. Therefore, if the program is new, you will be expected to provide information on how the program will be sustained beyond the grant period.

Are you looking for measurable results?

Yes. A critical part of the grant application will be showing qualitative and quantitative results.

What is the difference between outcomes and outputs?

Outcomes serve as qualitative indicators to monitor and report on during your grant period, while outputs are quantitative measurements to monitor and report on during your grant period. More information on outcomes and outputs can be found here.

Is this a multi-year grant?

No, this is not a multi-year grant. However, understanding some organizations operate on a calendar year, while others operate on a school year or fiscal year, we will work with the benefitting organization to determine the most appropriate grant period in which to spend the funds.

Regardless of the determined grant period, an initial progress report will be due by August 2020. Should the grant period run longer than this, an additional, final progress report will be due once all grant funds have been expended.

Are you seeking benefits or recognition?

Please recognize this funding as a grant from: The NM Funders Collaborative.

How will funds be dispersed? One time or over the year in installments?

The grant will be paid in one installment at the start of the grant period (unless thebenefitting organization prefers the funds be allocated over time).

My organization is not specifically classified as an education organization. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as your program is supporting students in grades 6-8 and you meet all other criteria, you are welcome and encouraged to apply for this grant.

Will there be one large grant or many small grants?

This initiative is focused on high impact grantmaking. Therefore, there will be a minimum of one $50,000 grant awarded.

Can we apply in partnership with other organizations?

Absolutely. Collaboration and partnership are very much encouraged! Please note that one grant will be awarded to the primary operating organization in the collaboration, though we would expect the grant funds to be utilized to benefit all collaborating organizations as you may explain in the narrative of your grant application.

  • Please note: if you are part of a collaborative program, be sure to discuss your application with all partners to ensure two applications are not submitted for the same program.

Can we submit more than one application?

No. There is a limit of one application per organization. However, if your organization is a participant in a larger collaborative program, you may choose to also submit your own grant application for another program.

An exception to this will be made for fiscal agents who have one or more organizations under their fiscal agency umbrella who wish to apply for this grant opportunity (see previous question on fiscal agency for additional information).

If my organization applies for this grant, can we still apply for funding from any of the participating funders?

Yes. This grant opportunity is totally separate from any other grant programs the participating funders run throughout the year. Your application for this opportunity will not influence any other funding you may or may not be soliciting from any funders involved in this project.

Where can I apply for this grant?

All applications must be submitted through SHARE NM beginning May 16, 2019. The deadline is July 10 at 5pm MT.

When will the grant winner be announced and awarded?

The NM Funders Collaborative will meet in mid-July to determine finalists. Those organizations moving forward will be notified of their status on July 23rd. Finalists will then be required to give a five-minute presentation of your program with five minutes of Q&A. The presentations will take place at the Albuquerque Community Foundation on July 30th from 8:30am – 9:30am (the exact time of your presentation will be communicated on July 23rd). The 2019 JRE2E recipient will be notified of their grant on August 1st and a public announcement will take place on August 7th. The grant funds will also be issued in August.

What funders are participating in this initiative?

  • Albuquerque Community Foundation

  • Bank of Albuquerque

  • Bank of America

  • Bradbury Stamm Construction

  • Dion’s

  • Lovelace Health System

  • McCune Charitable Foundation

  • New Mexico Gas Company

  • Nusenda Credit Union Foundation

  • PNM Resources Foundation

  • Sandia National Labs Foundation

  • Southwest Capital Bank

  • United Way of Central New Mexico

  • Verdes Foundation

  • Wells Fargo

  • Western Sky Community Health

What is the grant period? And will there be a grant report?

Understanding some organizations operate on a calendar year, while others operate on a school year or fiscal year, we will work with the benefiting organization to determine the most appropriate grant period in which to spend the funds.

Once the grant period is determined, there will be one final report required at the end of the cycle. However, if the cycle extends beyond August 30, 2020, there will be an interim-status report due by August 30, 2020, in addition to a final report when all grant funds have been expended.

Participating funders will also be scheduling a minimum of two site visits throughout the year to observe your organization’s program(s).

I’m a teacher at a school and I’m not sure what to write for operating budget and Board of Directors on the grant application. Where do I get this information?

Information such as operating budget amount, number of people on a Board of Directors and fiscal year should correlate to the organization receiving the grant funds. For example, a school that applies using the APS Education Foundation as its fiscal agent, would use the APS Education Foundation’s operating budget and Board listing (not that of the school). A similar example would hold true for schools in other districts.

My organization doesn’t serve middle school education needs, but I love this idea. Will there be another collaborative funding opportunity in the future?

Our desire is for funders to continue working together to create higher impact grantmaking. We hope to announce similar collaborative grant opportunities in the future, but no details are available for future funding at this time.

I have questions. Is there someone I can call to get more information?

There will be one information conference call hosted on June 5th from 9am – 10am. Please use the following call-in information: 505-241-2671; passcode: 8533894# However, because of the nature of this grant opportunity, there is no one individual funder who is available to provide any additional information or clarity. We have done our best to describe our intentions and motivation for this grant opportunity and we apologize if any information remains unclear at this time. To be fair to all applicants, the only information available for this grant opportunity will be communicated during the information session listed above and through these FAQs.

Thank you for your interest in the JRE2E grant and for all you do to support the Albuquerque community